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1478 - Winter Rustic Black


1478 - Winter Rustic Black


W7.5/ AUS4.5
W9.5/ M7.5/ AUS6.5
W10/ M8/ AUS7
M8.5/ AUS7.5
M9/ AUS8
M9.5/ AUS8.5
M10/ AUS9
M10.5/ AUS9.5
M11/ AUS10
M11.5/ AUS10.5
M12/ AUS11
M13/ AUS 12

A winterized Blundstone boot for total comfort in the coldest months. 100% wool fleece footbed, Thin lining, 100% waterproof—even the elastics!

  • Premium waterproof leather.
  • Fully waterproof boot with waterproof elastic and latexed seams.
  • Lined with 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation.
  • Thermo-urethane outsole resistant to hydrolysis and microbial attack.