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Hollow Tree The Lions
Hollow Tree The Lions
Hollow Tree The Lions

Hollow Tree

The Lions


Library of Trees celebrates the majestic Forests of the Pacific Northwest, inspired by the Western Red Cedar - The official Provincial tree of British Columbia. The Pacific Northwest is iconic with its hosts of Trees, its diversity of hardwoods and softwoods and its lush ecosystems. Library of Trees is about sharing the stories of legendary trees with you.

Inspired by legendary artist, the Jack Pine (Lone Pine) of Tom Thomson, the painted stokes of Emily Carr’s Western Red Cedars of BC, the iconic peaks and ecosystems of The Lions nested within the Coastal Mountains, to the legendary tales of the beloved Golden Spruce and the giants of the fern ladder paths of Cathedral Grove, we are forever mesmerized by the west coast wilderness.

The Lions: balsam | alpine fir | cypress

  • Wax: Coconut
  • Burntime: 60 hours
  • Oils: Plant Distilled, Non-Synthetic
  • Packaging: Recycled/able